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The Start. Fifth Third Riverbank Run 5K 2018. Photo credit: Rudy Malmquist


You know what they say … Pics or it didn’t happen.

These days, event participants expect a record of their performance. Our photos are taken by professional photographers using professional equipment. After the race, photos are individually edited and uploaded to our partners at Flashframe where they are tagged by bib numbers and gear color. This process allows us to get photos online quickly, and in the hands of your participants.

Stellafly has been out photographing sports for over a decade. So we know what’s going on out there. We know you. We know your athletes. We know what you and your athletes want and we can provide it: Quality. Reliability. Promptness. Personality. Passion.

How does it work?
Our team of photographers charges a fee per race/per photographer. Upon Hire, race directors receive social media promotion through our participating Team Stellafly teammates and through the stellafly brand social networks (Facebook/instagram/twitter), which helps with spreading the word.

In a world of cell phones and hobby photographers, we believe that we can offer an approach that others don’t: social media cross promotion. Through our Team Stellafly and individual photography social accounts, we talk about your race. Before, during and after. Heck, we even provide a service to help grow your race accounts, because let’s admit it, you’re too busy. For more information on that, shoot us an email.

After the race we edit photos. Then we post a few ‘teasers’ to get your participants to where they can search and download high resolution images. They can even order prints. That way, you don’t have to bog down your Facebook or website with all the images we take.

Race directors will receive all of the watermarked images (social media) and free of watermarks for marketing purposes (print collateral, websites). Our only request is that images shared on social media networks should be always be watermarked (Unless used as a social media page banner).

Race Page Management:
In combination with photography, our team offers social media page management of race accounts to help with reach and engagement. To get a feel of one of our current clients, check out the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon Facebook and Instagram to get a feel for how this works.

How many photographers should we hire?
We recommend hiring based on last year’s participant numbers. The more participants, the more difficult it gets for one photographer to capture everything. Our team can support any scale race and help it continue to grow while giving you the marketing shots you need to promote for next year and providing quality images of your participants doing their thing.

Our 2020 race calendar is filling up fast. Be sure to reach out soon to secure your race day with the “Dream Team” to capture the day!




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