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Senior Creative Director

Hi. I’m Laura — the founder and owner of Stellafly. I’m also a wife, mother, runner, cyclist, dog mom, entrepreneur and digital nomad. I have called Grand Rapids, Michigan home since 1971. I attended East Grand Rapids High School and Calvin College.

The Stellafly story goes all the way back to 1995 with the emergence of what would become our first social platform, America Online. This screen name coming from a nickname “Stella” combined with the cool factor of the In Living Color “FlyGirls” gave me an undercover name which provided anonymity when living and working out in Portland, Oregon.

In the most recent future, Stellafly has helped businesses and nonprofits use social media platforms to promote their message and build their brand awareness effectively and efficiently. Clients include government agencies, businesses, nonprofits and festivals, sporting events, and regional political campaigns. It’s been a rollercoaster of fun projects over the years!

Today I remain a fierce defender of the underdog. I enjoy working with people, businesses and organizations that are passionate and have a vision. I like to make visions a reality.

My husband, Mark, and I have a blended family of four and three French Bulldogs. In my spare time, I manage and train with Team Stellafly a multipart team in West Michigan.