The story of Stellafly

Founded in 2011, Team Stellafly is based in West Michigan with teammates located across the country. Our diverse team consists of athletes ranging from former professionals and elites to race directors, age groupers, and passionate newcomers. We strive to lead by example, embracing the running, cycling, and triathlon community. Through volunteering, event hosting, and participation in races worldwide, we aim to contribute to and connect with the global athletic community.

We are a community-focused, hardworking, and family-oriented group of athletes wholeheartedly dedicated to the sports we engage in and to our fellow teammates. Our passion for our team, racing, and an active lifestyle unites us. Our diverse composition includes professional, elite, and sub-elite athletes, along with enthusiastic age-group placers, amateurs, short and long-distance runners, ultra runners, cyclists, and swimmers.

You’ll see us show-up at a variety of races; road, trail and track running, triathlons, with a dedicated focus on developing our cycling team.

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