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Our mission is to promote a team that will inspire and empower athletes of all abilities and backgrounds by leading by example — to embrace the sport of running and triathlon and to always portray true sportsmanship and the importance of the word “team.”

Team Stellafly is made up of athletes of all levels. From elite and seasoned Kona qualifiers to Sprint specialists and first-timers. Moms and Dads. Siblings. Doctors. Media Personalities. Race Directors. Creatives. Brewers. Teachers. Photographers. Just to name a few. We have members throughout the state of Michigan but also in Montana, Arizona, and Virginia. We are hoping to bring our team to national level this year, so if you’re seeing this from afar, please inquire!

Team Stellafly promotes the importance of family in the sport of triathlon and running. Both are sports that the entire family can enjoy and as a family activity, we are all able to take pride in each other’s accomplishments and help each other set and achieve goals through the support of their families, coaches, and teammates. In fact, we have two former pro triathletes who recently became new mothers and we have even more Stellafly babies on the way!

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