The primary mission of Team Stellafly is to promote a team that will inspire and empower athletes of all abilities and backgrounds.

Our goal is to consistently portray true sportsmanship, leading by example and defining by those actions the importance of “TEAM.”

Team Stellafly is currently made up of athletes of all levels. From elite and seasoned Kona qualifiers to Sprint specialists and first-timers. Moms and Dads. Young up and comings. Doctors. Media Personalities. Race Directors. Creatives. Brewers. Teachers. Photographers. We have members throughout the state of Michigan but also in Montana, Arizona, and Virginia.

Family in the sport of triathlon and running. We have a deep appreciation and understanding that these disciplines require many hours of training and that athletes are held up by people that keep things together at home. Oftentimes, it is an athlete’s support system that go mostly unseen but we secretly know it is them that make it all possible. We are a big family through and through and we take immense pride in each other’s accomplishments. From races, to real life support, we recognize that it takes a lot to make the magic happen.


There are NO EXPECTATIONS of how much or how fast/slow you race – you just have to want to race multisport events and you have to want to train with other people.
We have a robust internal structure where we communicate for optimal training and race coordination and to hang out together too.
  • For multisport teammates (Runners/Cyclists/Triathlon) — have at least one team kit, and wear your kit at all applicable events. We race for team points and continuity is important.
  • Participation minimum requirements — Either compete in two races and volunteer at one race OR compete in one race and volunteer at three races as a minimum.
  • Support fellow Team Stellafly teammates during events and in training.
  • Support and promote sponsors of Team Stellafly.


  • No Yearly Dues.
  • Photos. Lots and lots of free photos. More than you want.
  • Discounts. To races, bike shops and brands.
  • Family. Become part of a tight knit, zero drama, talented family of a diverse group of multisport athletes!



Team Stellafly is charting a new course in women’s cycling/triathlon and running.

2022 — Year of the FlyGirl. Intentional focus on building up a robust and competitive Women’s Cycling Team while still bolstering our men’s cycling division as well. We will also remain focused on building up our roster of  triathletes and runners.

Photo: Rob Meendering