Photography, Race Coverage
About This Project
It’s back: The Hart Hills 55 mile/25 mile gravel race.
I’ve been shooting this race since its inception and it was impressive to see how much it had grown.
These courses are tough on a perfect day and this comes from a place of never having ridden it. It can be best described as climbing, sandy roads and tough seasonal two tracks. Add that day’s wind advisory of 25-30 mph winds, it was challenging, to. say the least. I found myself in a few different spots out on the course each having a level of difficulty to racers to navigate. But these are always the best races to shoot. They show the true grit of an athlete. It’s all out there. Nothing to hide.
Highlights: Team Stellafly represented and grabbed some spots on the podium. My youngest son, Tom, joined me and covered the finish line. He loved it and will be joining me at all of the races I’m hired to shoot this summer. If you’re at one, be sure to say hi.